Norka Luque Gives Music Lovers a Fresh Sound

Norka Luque wants to be a Latin sensation and she is well on her way. She has all the right resources in place. She was been sought out by an award-winning producer that has more Grammy awards than any other Latin artist.

The majority of people that are listening to Latin music may not know anything about Norka Luque just yet. She is still a fairly new artist. Norka is getting acquainted with social media and she has the ability to market herself. Her style is unique, and very few people to have the same energy and spirit that Norka Luque has. She is a bolt of energy that has continued to make a name for herself.

The “Milagro” single has become a big deal for her, and this is her claim to fame. She has managed to stay grounded and really continue to be focused on her music. She has been able to motivate the people that are from her homeland. This has been the thing that has allowed her to gain a mix crowd of fans in Brazil, Venezuela and America. She has been out there promoting her song, and lots of people are becoming curious about the upcoming album.

Latino Show Magazine says Estefan was very wise to sign Norka Luque. She is on social media and this is where she is giving people access to the music and her videos. This is the best way to get information out to people without spending a ton of money. Norka has a marketing degree. This is has made her very conscious of all the marketing that has to go in promoting an album. Luque has done a great job of looking the part of a celebrity, and this has made it easier for her to boost her career quicker.

Twitter: @norkaluque

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Stephen Murray And CCMP Capital Made Our Family Financially Solvent

Our family has been looking for good ways to invest for a long time, and we knew that we had to make a change. I had been looking around for help for a long time, but I had not found anything that I thought was going to help until I made a phone call to Stephen Murray and CCMP Capital for help. CCMP Capital is the investment part of Chase Bank that has changed names a few times, but they are still one of the best.

I thought that it made more sense for me to call Chase for help, and they sent me on the CCMP Capital where I was talking to Stephen Murray in just a couple days. We had a talk where he explained to me about the new fund that he wanted to create, and he asked me to give to the fund to help make it grow. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

They were trading on markets pretty early, and then Stephen Murray CCMP Capital died pretty unexpectedly after a long illness. We did not know what to do next, but CCMP Capital called us to let us know that nothing was going to change.

They were really great in the way that they helped us, and then they showed me that I would be able to keep investing in the same way that I was before Stephen Murray died. CCMP Capital gave me the confidence that I needed to help change my financial future, and they taught me what I should be doing for the future.

This big fund has been helpful, and it has shown me that I can dream big with my money. I think that a lot of people can benefit from this, and they need to at least try because the imprint of Stephen Murray is still on CCMP Capital today.

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Thor Halvorssen Fights to End Dictatorships

It seems only natural that the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) should be led by a man whose own family has a long history of defending individual rights against authoritarian rule. Thor Halvorssen is the grandson of a man that once got in a fistfight with Nazis and the son of a man that was tortured in a Caracas prison. His mother was shot during a demonstration against Hugo Chavez and many other of his relatives are known to have equally colorful pasts.

Halvorssen heads his foundation with determination and surrounds himself with like-minded people who are not afraid of a little conflict when it is for a meaningful purpose. He has been beaten in Ho Chi Minh City after sneaking in to interview a man whose church had been banned and had been under house arrest for nearly three decades. He has stood against the leadership of Venezuela president Hugo Chavez and Chile’s Pinochet and has railed against the treatment of the citizens of communist countries around the world.

The HRF is not determined to cure every ill or stop abuse in every corner of the world. The focus of this organization is to take down the dictators that prevent the people in their own country from having control over their destiny. With their freedom Halvorssen feels they will make the right choices for their own lives and improve their corner of the world. He truly believes this because he really feels that people are essentially good despite all of the strife, anger and brutality he has witnessed.

Thor Halvorssen was born and raised in Venezuala and attended the University of Pennsylvania. He began his human rights advocacy career in 1989 organizing efforts to fight against apartheid in South Africa while he still a child. When his father became a political prisoner in Caracas Halvorssen became a full time activist. The HRF concentrates much of its influence and efforts on Latin America and has helped to get prisoners released and provided proof of human rights violations to international agencies. Halvorssen also works as a film producer and is the author of two books on individual rights.

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Wen By Chaz Does A Lot For People With Fine Hair

Fine hair is considered by a lot of people to be a curse because they can ever get their hair in the shape they want it to be. They have probably tried everything, and they are not getting any better. They can now try out the Wen by Chaz shampoo/conditioner that is on This is a great shampoo to use, but people need to actually read the review that shows how it works. They are going to learn a lot about it, and they can get started on it as soon as they read the article.
The article starts off with a girl who has been given the curse of fine hair, but she is determine to wash her hair to get it to look better. She shows what the bottle says about using the Wen hair by Chaz shampoo, and she shows how it is supposed to be used. There are some these people who need to start today because it is going to take some time to give a good effect. The people who are going to like the way that the shampoo works are the ones that keep using it like it is used in the article.

The girl in the article gets some good results in her hair, and she even looks really happy when she takes her last picture. A lot of people who are going to start using a new shampoo do not get really happy just because they washed their hair, but the Wen by Chaz shampoo is going to make people feel like that. They will smile because their hair looks better, and they will notice that their hair feels good. It could be for the first time in a long time, and that is the power that is in the bottle of Wen by Chaz. Wen hair brand can be purchased online, check out and to view the line of Wen hair care products.

Wen hair FAQ page:

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Igor Cornelsen Gives You the Brazilian Investing Advice You Want to Know

Every investor – at some point – is going to choose to invest in stocks outside of their homeland. That is just the reality when it comes to diversifying your portfolio. It is just natural to become curious about other places and the type of returns on investment that some other countries have. I have visited different parts of Latin America before, and I have also been fascinated with Brazilian culture and economy. I know that there is a lot of tourism there, and I have always assumed that Brazilian investments would help me diversify my stocks. I was glad that I found out about Brazilian investor Igor Cornelsen and his tips.

I discovered Igor Cornelsen online when I was searching for different investment tips. I saw a couple of blogs and articles that had advice for Cornelsen. His tips were short. I copied the tips that I saw and printed these guidelines, and his advice didn’t even take up a whole page. Igor Cornelsen got right to the point with things like making sure that your portfolio was diverse. I was already aware of this. That would be basic information. What intrigued me was the way that he spoke about Brazil.

Read more:
Igor Cornelsen – AngelList

Igor Cornelsen – Houzz

I discovered that he knew about the raw materials industry. He stated that this is where the economy was booming. Brazil is in the business of exports. Cornelsen stated that the investor that wants to invest in the raw material stocks of Brazil should first be aware of what the economy is like in Japan. It is Japan that serves are one of the biggest buyers of Brazilian exports. If the economy is bad in Japan, this is going to have a bad chain reaction to the export industry in Brazil. That will trickle down to bad returns on investment with these companies that are known for raw material exports. That was something that I would have never known in a million years on my own. It took the knowledge of someone that lived there to relay this type of valuable information.

It was with Igor Cornelsen that I also realized that it was important, highly important, to be in tune with the culture. There are tourism spots that you can invest in. There are rental properties galore, but it takes times to get to know the culture before these investments come to light. It will be a lot harder to invest in the properties if you are not familiar with the places where people are going to spend their time and money. Igor has suggested that people make the efforts to make the connections to the people of Brazil. This is gives investors knowledge of more investing opportunities.

Learn more about Igor Cornelsen:

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Why IAP Worldwide is a Leading Logistics Provider

As the logistic sector is growing rapidly, IAP Worldwide Services has secured a top spot in the list of global scale logistics. The company also offers advanced technical and professional services to numerous customers courtesy of its 2000 employees.

The company also boasts a worldwide base of 25 member countries aimed at solving both private and public sector demands. With over 60 years of experience, IAP Worldwide Services has built a reputation for being a reliable and responsive market leader.

A Brief History about IAP Worldwide

Since it was established in 1953, the company has been providing logistics solutions to diverse customers. In the 1990’s, it began to innovate ways of improving energy efficiency in facilities. Read more: IAP Worldwide Services | LinkedIn and IAP: Home

Five years down the line, the institution advanced into a procurement and specialized logistics company. Over the years, this company has tapped into the logistics market and acquired new startups. It has also partnered with other enterprises as a move to increase its customer base.

IAP Mission and Values

The company usually takes customer’s ultimate goals into consideration and delivers services based on these goals. Customer’s problems are also solved in the most efficient and smartest ways. Learn more about IAP Worldwide:

Safe, reliable and innovative solutions are offered by the company to meet the diverse customer needs. Every service offered complies with the standards of professional and moral conduct.

IAP New Acquisitions

IAP recently acquired several enterprises specializing in communications support solutions as well as information technology. These enterprises include DRS Technologies and Tactical Communications & Network Solutions business.

This move seeks to integrate the unique capabilities of the companies in its long-term business growth strategy. The acquisition also seeks to increase the company’s addressable market. The institution is also searching for partnership opportunities with suppliers to solve the complex client’s complex problems. Learn more about IAP Worldwide:

The Company’s Headquarters

The company’s official headquarter is in Cape Canaveral, FL. Other offices are found in Washington, D.C, Panama City, FL, the Middle East and the United Kingdom. Its services are disseminated to over 100 locations across in twenty five countries.

Job Opportunities

IAP Worldwide Services comprises of a technical team that strives to solve problems for others. The company also takes great pride in merging unique expertise, knowledge and skill to enhance its service delivery. Along these lines, its employees are empowered with sufficient resources to conduct their jobs effectively and safely.

The institution seeks dedicated and experienced professionals skilled in the fields of logistics, construction, accounting, and engineering. Interested candidates for the job positions should address their job applications to the human resource department.

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Desiree Perez Temps Samsung With Tidal


When it comes to getting things done in the business world Jay-Z definitely has to knack for finding the right people. His entire career has been based on his ability to connect with the right people at the right time. He knew how to connect with Swizz Beats to get his career underway. He also knew how to utilize Kanye West to give him a different sound when he wanted to change directions. He is currently changing directions at Tidal, and he is using Dez Perez to help him get the job done.

Desiree Perez is businesswoman that knows the ins and outs of the music streaming business. She has become a source of profitability for this Tidal Business after several other people in leadership roles resigned. Perez has been able to help bring a strategic plan to compete against the other well known music streaming companies like Pandora and Spotify. Her ability to generate the numbers and make the Tidal App seem like an exclusive ticket helps get Jay-Z the type of leverage that he needs to build this music streaming app.

A lot of people were ready to count Jay and his music streaming venture out. There were so many naysayers that said it would be impossible for this business to compete when there already are so many other leaders that have saturated the business. Dez Perez, along with her husband and Juan Perez, have been able to prove them wrong. There are a lot of billboard chart toppers that were initially released exclusively through Tidal. With a roster that includes artists like Rihanna, Kanye West and Beyoncé it is easy to lure customers.

Tidal is the streaming underdog that has spent a lot of time trying to go against the juggernauts of music streaming. There are a lot of other companies that are trying to get music listeners to spend their money and time, but Tidal has the advantage of being a steaming service that is actually owned by the artists. The music lovers that are interested in making sure that artists get a larger portion of the royalties from music streaming will be interested in what Tidal presents.

For just about anything in life that people purchase, it is all about the packaging the product or service. Dez Perez has been able to do an excellent job of helping Jay-Z package Tidal in a better manner.
Source: Hits Daily Double

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Mike Baur Churns Out Fully Baked Start-Ups

Mike Baur is a Swiss banker and entrepreneur. He is a co-founder and a managing partner of Swiss Startup Factory. Baur has over 20 years of experience in the Swiss banking industry and has worked for big banks like Sallfort and Clariden Leu. Working in the Swiss Private Banking, Baur rose from a commercial apprentice to an executive board member of one of the largest Swiss Private Banks.

After many years of working in Swiss banks, Baur quit and started investing in startup companies. Together with his long-time friends, Oliver Walze and Max Meister, the three started the Swiss Startup Factory, an independent and privately funded ICT Startup Mentor in Switzerland.

Baur handles fundraising and financing matters of the firm. Mike spends most of his time with youth entrepreneurship supporting organizations and Swiss startups and assists them with mentorship and finances. He is also a Director and a co-founder of the Swiss Startup Association.

After Swiss Star up Factory partnership with CTI in January 2016, Baur was named the Deputy Managing Director of CTI Invest. He has been leading Swiss Star up Factory through many activities like the accelerator program with Gold back Group and the February 2016 partnership with Fintech Fusion.

Mike Baur holds an MBA from University of Rochester New York and an Executive MBA from the University of Berne. He is currently overseeing a plan to launch an accelerator program this year, which will be focusing on Fintech Companies. He will also be joined by Michael Hartweg also a former finance specialist so as to help coach the founders and the companies in the Fintech business.

Swiss Start-Up Factory was started in 2014 and is based in Zurich. The firm looks for the thriving digital entrepreneurs and provides them with exciting opportunities through a strong entrepreneurial network in Switzerland and all over the world.

Through a three-month long accelerator program, the firm provides coaching, mentoring, a platform of services and an office space in Zurich. This enables startups to achieve their ambitious goals by letting them meet investors through pitch and question and answer sessions.

The partnership between Swiss Startup Factory and Fintech Accelerator Fusion based in Geneva is going to help the two firms achieve even better results. They will be collaborating on the issues concerning start-ups pre-selection, acceleration, cooperation with universities, joint events, mentorship network exchange, and sharing of office space

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Wengie Takes Us Inside Her Apartment!

If you know who Wengie is, then chances are, you are a fashion, style, and beauty enthusiast. Wengie is so naturally friendly and beautiful, viewers of her videos are instantly drawn to her. Many of her followers and fans have asked for a look into her apartment. In her video, “Apartment Tour 2015”, Wengie takes the viewer through her fifty-eight square meter apartment.
When we come through the front door, we are greeted by her cat, Mikki, in the entryway. Straight ahead is her living room and sunroom. To the left is the kitchen, which she loves because there is lots of storage; and to the right can be found her laundry room and her shoe rack. Her apartment is mostly white; and the floor-to-ceiling windows lend lots of light, which makes the apartment appear larger.
In her living room, we see a double ladder shelf. Wengie loves the shelf because she can display on it her most favorite things, including designer shoes and bags, candles, teapot sets, and succulents in jars. She also has a lovely couch with several colorful pillows and a secondhand coffee table that she has repainted white.
Wengie then shows us her sunroom, “where all the magic happens”. She spends a lot of time here. She loves the secondhand table that she acquired from a cafe that is the perfect height to see outside. Here there are many potted plants and succulents.
Next is the bathroom, which contains a shower stall, a small sink, and the toilet. Much to her dismay, there is not much storage space in the bathroom at all. She shows us a favorite soap dispenser she picked up in Korea.
We finish our tour in the bedroom. Her favorite plush red velvet chair sits in the corner, giving off “an element of royalness and princessness”. She has a white dressing table and a white bed with new metallic silver and gold cushions and a pink throw. She loves her copper vase with flowers and suggests that we use fairy lights in the bedroom, especially at night.
Wengie is a very entertaining tour guide, and she is very proud of her apartment and its furnishings. She provides a product guide, so that we can find the things we like. Take the tour of Wengie’s apartment for yourself at


Find out more about Wengie:


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Get Healthier Looking Hair With Wen By Chaz Cleansing Conditioner

One woman has recently revealed her experiences of using Wen hair by Chaz cleansing conditioner as part of her daily hair care regime. The woman has revealed the best way she found for using the product and some of the tips she feels will be important for those who are looking for a fast and effective way of getting a healthy shine for their fine hair in a Bustle article.
Using the product on a daily basis is shown to have had a positive effect on the hair of the writer, once she began using the recommended amounts of the product as directed by creator Chaz Dean. A five in one conditioner, this product is designed to condition fine hair and continue to do so over the course of the day as it acts as a leave in conditioner; one area highlighted in the article is the healthy shine the hair of the author retained each day, which was commented upon by her friends and colleagues.

There are many reasons why the Wen hair by Chaz hair products have become so popular on sephora, not least the fact that these sulfate free products have been created to act in multiple ways to reduce the need for many of the products everybody uses on a daily basis. WEN hair has also been advertised on numerous QVC infomercials. Keeping the hair healthy and moisturized is the aim of founder Chaz Dean, who has spent many years looking for new and unique ways of creating stunning hair for people all over the world.

The Bustle article details how effective the use of the cleansing conditioner was when the writer used it each morning for a healthy shine that lasted through the day and into the night; in her final thoughts the author revealed she would continue to use this product to make she her hair always had a little extra shine.

FAQ? Read them here:

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