Susan McGalla-The Female Role Model

There are many women who are at the summit of their careers from various sectors that everyone knows. However, a substantial number of women still do not know the tricks of being successful. That is why there are inequalities, unequal pay and lack of enough women in the boardrooms of major organizations. Nonetheless, there are various steps that have been taken by governments as well as concerned non-governmental organizations to mitigate the crisis. In spite of this, some ambitious women have shown that they can be very efficient leaders who are fit to hold any leadership challenge. Women are known to have a superb combination of personality traits that assists them undertake various leadership roles. Such great women are performing incredibly in the corporate sector and overseeing mega organizations while also starting and managing their own business ventures.

For instance, there is an existing breed of very powerful women in the business world and others are also budding. The business industry was once taken as a masculine activity due to how men dominated it. However, things have since taken a major twist and women entrepreneurs such as the likes of Susan McGalla are doing marvelously. These women are excellent role models for potential women and young girls. Fortunately, they are extra eager to assist other women rise to become the best in their respective industries. The heroines display inborn skills and are important factors in the executive positions they hold. They are also good at networking. Networking is a vital element in the corporate industry that promotes trust.

Susan is one of the most successful business women in the world who understands what it takes to scale high heights and to maintain a top corporate position. According to McGalla’s hard work, passion, confidence, and versatility are inevitable characters in earning outstanding results in life. She says that rarely will golden opportunities present themselves on a silver platter. It is an individual’s duty to identify their potential to help them graduate from ordinary to extraordinary. Susan McGalla of is gifted with management skills, and it was up to her to unlock the chest that banked her invaluable skills.

Susan is the owner of the P3 Executive Consulting. The consultancy firm is based in Pittsburgh. She is also a Director at the Pittsburgh Steelers. She has immense expertise in the clothing sector that has attracted prominent personalities in the finance industry. Her clients normally consult her in matters relating to marketing, talent management, branding, and product merchandising. McGalla kicked off her career at the Joseph Horne Company in 1986 and left in 1994 to join the American Eagle Outfitters. She has been very firm on work ethics. Her commitment to duty made her get appointed as the President and the overall Chief Merchandising Officer. Prior to these roles, she had served as the president and the CMO of the American Eagle’s flagship brand. McGalla later left the firm to venture as a private consultant in the retail industry and financial investment. She became the CEO of Wet Seal in 2011 and ultimately resigned to venture into corporate consulting.

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James Dondero’s Success with Highland Capital and More

James Dondero is a highly successful Dallas financial business leader. He is the President and Co-founder, with Mark Okada, of Highland Capital Management. He and Okada are pioneers of new investment vehicles like Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLO). Highland is one of the most experienced and largest of the global asset managers. Dondero is in charge of Highland’s strategic investment and operational initiatives for both their retail and institutional products. Dallas, TX is the headquarters of Highland, with other offices in New York, Sao Paulo, Seoul, and Singapore.

News 2014-15
Both James Dondero and his company have received numerous awards. In 2014, Highland funds received the Morningstar 5-star designation for Global Allocation plus the #1 ranked Healthcare Long/Short Equity Fund, and the Lipper Award for Floating Rate opportunities. In February of 2015, Dondero was named Senior Portfolio Manager of Highland’s Energy MLP Fund. In May, he was named Chairman of the Board of NexPoint Residential Trust, which is a publicly traded REIT on the New York Stock Exchange. It focuses on owning and operating middle-income multifamily properties in large cities and nearby suburbs in the Southeastern and the Southwestern United States. In June, Highland was honored as one of the best places to work by the Dallas Business Journal. Highland is not only a quality employer but also a charitable partner in the city of Dallas. Dondero’s company and its employees are committed to volunteering, involvement in advisory boards, and donating to local community groups and national non-profits. Some of those non-profits include the Dallas’ Mayors Intern Fellows, Reasoning Mind, and Education is Freedom.

Dondero has thirty years of experience in the credit market and has created success everywhere he has served in a leadership role. He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare, and NexBank. He is also on the board of directors of other successful companies including MGM Studios and American Banknote Corporation. Among his designations is Certified Management Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst, since 1987.

Jim Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia with a BS in commerce with an emphasis in Accounting and Finance. After college, he joined Morgan Guaranty Trust Company where he completed their financial training program. He held successful leadership positions like at American Express, where he managed $1 billion in fixed income funds. After American Express, he was Chief Investment Officer at Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary. In that position, he built the company from a concept to a $2 billion business over four years, 1989 through 1993. He has vast experience in portfolio management including mortgage-backed securities, derivatives, preferred and common stocks, leveraged bank loans, emerging markets and leveraged bank loans. After leaving the Protective Life position, is when he co-founded Highland Capital.

With the success of all the companies and investments associated with James Dondero and Highland Capital, you can expect to hear much more about them in the coming years. His success is great for company investments and Dallas.

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Getting A Competent Lawyer In Brazil

Dealing with a difficult legal matter in Brazil? Do you want to find a reliable lawyer to help protect your rights and resolve the case to your satisfaction?

If you are facing a legal case in Brazil, you absolutely need to get a lawyer immediately. Don’t even attempt to handle the matter on your own, unless you are knowledgeable in that area of law. Lawyers have a good understanding of the law and how to address issues related to their area of practice. By handling the case over to a qualified legal practitioner in Brazil, you will have a greater chance of having the case resolved satisfactorily.

To get a list of lawyers in Brazil, you may want to contact a reliable lawyer’s directory or a Bar Association. These are reliable resources that can provide you with the names and contact details of lawyers that practice in Brazil. You can also get recommendations from the people you work with, or do business with. Your friends and relatives may also know a good lawyer, and can be a reliable source of information about lawyers in Brazil.

Do your research before choosing a lawyer to represent you. Once you have obtained a list of potential lawyer, take the time to check them out thoroughly. There are many lawyers in Brazil but not all lawyers in Brazil render the same quality of service. Choose a lawyer who has a great track record. Through proper research you will be able to identify great lawyers and avoid the ones that produce poor results.

Try to consult with several lawyers before you decide on the one to choose. But make sure you discuss costs and attorney fees, and find out if you can get free consultation. Most lawyer will not charge you for the initial meeting. Have all your information ready and be prepared to go over details of your problem. Ask the various lawyers to give you a brief overview of their experience in the field, what your options are, your chances of obtaining the desired outcome, who will handle your case, and when the problem is expected to be over.

Make sure you maintain good records. Chances are your attorney will require documents that pertain to your legal matter. Keep copies if you provide your lawyer with the original copies. When you receive a bill from your attorney, review it thoroughly and be sure to find out about any charges that are not clear to you.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a reputable Brazilian lawyer, specializing in in civil and commercial litigation. He has spent over 22 years representing clients in various business related cases. As a renowned legal strategist, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalhohas won numerous business and corporate litigation cases for his clients. He has a high rate of success, and has handled many high profile cases. Mr Ricardo Tosto has written several articles and reviews that are published in specialized journals.

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Skouting the Prospects

The dating scene has totally moved online. My sons only meet people online and have no recollection of meeting potential dates organically in the real world. They will never know what it is like to first have to cross a parent threshold to get close to that particular girl that is capturing their fancy. I remember having to ask a girl to dance and then having to know how to dance if there was any chance of making an impression. Most girls that I would potentially date even had telephone curfews that were easily monitored by parents that would simply pick up the other line and embarrass the soul right out of both of you if you were even a minute over curfew.

My kids see that as archaic, but having to access those barriers made us feel like we have accomplished something to get a date. Even going through the process showed the young lady that you were serious about her affections, and because their parents went through the same process when they were young, the parents understood the braveness that it took to ask to take their precious daughter out unaccompanied. The 80’s and 90’ seemed wide open in movies, but we were heavily monitored with the freedom that we had. However, today, there is not a way to completely monitor kids or enforce this type of structure. The way that my sons date now is exclusively through social media.

In my day, I would have felt less than a tough guy to meet any girl except in the old-fashioned way, but they have no qualms with texting someone to get to know them. It is also perfectly okay to check someone’s social media pages to see what they are up to. To me, this is borderline stalking, so I had a lot to learn about dating in this method when I became single in middle age. However, for me, it is more than about dating. I want to be around like-minded people of my age and experience. I miss friendship and comradery as much or more than I miss dating. Because of this, I would open profiles on dating sites and wait for the onslaught of posers and fakers.

This is disheartening because that is exactly why I did not want to date via a dating app. However, when I told them this, they immediately pointed me to the Skout dating app. My boys understood that I needed a dating site in which dating is secondary to meeting compatible people. Skout has a serious social media function that fits this need of mine perfectly. Additionally, people are divided into peer groups. This means that I am not getting interest from people that I have no interest in. I do not consider myself picky, but it is a waste of time at my age to meet people that I know that I will not date in the long term. Skout gets that about me.

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About Doe Deere, the Founder of Lime Crime

Doe Deere is a woman who grew in Russia from the time of birth till 1999 when she migrated to the US. Doe has encountered numerous hurdles that she has courageously countered to attain her current inspiring status. Initially, she has made investments in the fashion and music industries. Her investments in the fashion and cosmetic industries did not last long. After engaging in the two industries for sometime, she decided to concentrate on cosmetics industry in 2008. Doe’s drive to invest in cosmetics emanated from her belief that beauty emerges from what an individual feels at a particular moment, rather than from what people perceive as looking good or as natural. She feels that using cosmetics is a way of self-expression and a form of freedom, in addition to the conventional role of concealing imperfections. Doe felt obliged to develop cosmetic products using natural and other products as ingredients that would reflect her dream of bright and vivid nail polishes, eye shadows and lipsticks. In this regard, she decided to develop a unique line of cruelty-free, magical and colorful cosmetic products with the properties mentioned above under Doe Deere’s Lime Crime brand.

In 2008, Doe’s cosmetics business was very small but it has grown since then to attract an international following as a result of her unwavering efforts. Today, her success in the business has become an inspiration to young people operating small businesses. Replies from viewers of a recent interview of Doe posted at website indicate that numerous women envy her creativity and the path she took to become a successful entrepreneur in the cosmetics industry. In addition to inspiring young people with her success, Doe has been supporting women to succeed in their business investments. She likes supporting individuals with unique ambitions focusing on developing unique businesses. She has been speaking about her drive to support women in PHAMExpo and other public events. In those events, she expresses her love to support women and even offers them with her contact details so that she can mentor them.

From her expression, it is apparent that Doe’s cosmetic business has gone through stages that ordinary businesses go through from initiation to success. Her interest in cosmetics emerged when she was engaging in fashion and design activities. According to her, she sewed clothes and produced colorful products consistently to the extent that the “fell in love” with bright and vivid colors. Then, she though about how she could use those colors to enhance the beauty of women. Since making significant investments in cosmetics in 2008, she has been working closely with creative experts and other consultants to enhance the quality and uniqueness of her products. Using internet channels, such as eBay and her own websites, has been the greatest marketing strategy adopted by Doe in all of her investments. According to her, internet market marketing has been and is likely to be the core driver of her success in the future since consumers are increasingly shifting attentions to e-commerce.

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